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    Featured Equipment

    Doner Gas Machines

    Gas Doner Machines Robot

    Reference: 3GUD/3GUD-W

    Type of gas:

    Natural gas (GN)

    Gas bottle (GLP)

    Power: 9,75 kw

    Cons of gas:

    (NG) 20/20-1,031 m3/h

    (NG) 25/25-1,031 m3/h

    (GLP) 30/50-0,767 kg/h

    Height: 780 mm

    Width: 530 mm

    Length: 650 mm

    Capacity: 50 kg

    Weight: 30 kg

    Shish Length: 736

    Reference: 3EU


    Power: 5,4KW

    Power supply: 400/230 V

    Height: 780mm

    Width: 530mm

    Length: 650mm

    Capacity: 50kg

    Weight: 37kg

    Shish Length: 736mm

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    Gosto Singular, a company dedicated to the success of your business! Kebab has been growing all over the world, and conquering the Portuguese more and more.

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